Organic Produce Delivery in Alaska

Since 2006, Full Circle has been delivering fresh, organic produce from the southeast to the North Slope. Alaskans can trust their organic produce has been carefully vetted by both the farmer and Full Circle, marrying local with regional, and bringing fresh fruits and vegetables to the area year round.

Life with Full Circle starts with a commitment to good health. We hand-curate each product to assure the best in taste, quality and sustainability from our community of producers and farmers. Take the first step toward the Good Food Life by choosing how much produce you want delivered each week. Hand-selected artisan groceries can be added to bring variety to your weekly delivery. Also, you’ll be able to customize your produce and grocery order to get more of what you like, or try something new each week.

Discover Some of Our Partners in Alaska


Aleutia Salmon

Sand Point, Alaska

The Aleutia sockeye salmon fishery is located in a remote, untamed region of Alaska where the Bering Sea and the North Pacific Ocean collide. Amid active volcanoes and legendary winds, the strong ocean current sweeps up nutrients from the underseas Aleutian “greenbelt,” creating a rich environment for wild salmon during their annual migration. This fishery has been the center of life for local families for thousands of years.

In 2001, Aleutia began sharing a portion of the annual harvest directly with seafood lovers around the United States so that others could experience Aleutia’s distinctive, clean flavor.

Aleutia is a community-based organization that harvests for maximum sustainability; profits go back to the local communities.


SteamDot Coffee

Anchorage, Alaska

At its core, SteamDot’s mission is to make great coffees. The company samples green coffee from all over the world and chooses only the beans that are best suited to match its roasting profiles. The unique Sivetz air-roaster creates world-class flavors and aromatics and doesn’t leave behind the bitter tastes found in some barrel-roasted coffees. SteamDot strives to deliver the freshest coffee possible by roasting almost daily and never, ever allowing its coffee to sit out exposed to the elements. All SteamDot coffee is stored in air-tight bags until it is purchased by you.

Delivery Areas in Alaska

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“Many thanks FC! What a beautiful array of ripe, colorful, healthy produce arrived and brightened this gloomy day in Kodiak!!!”

Allison H — Kodiak, AK